Bench Press for Weight Training

Bench Press for Weight Training

The weight bench press is a basic exercise used in strength training and bodybuilding. It primarily targets the chest muscles and also works the shoulders and triceps. To perform the bench press, lie on a bench and push a barbell or dumbbells upward. This exercise effectively builds upper body strength and muscle.

By adding the bench press to your workout, you boost overall upper body strength and power. Moreover, you can adjust the exercise with different weights and angles to suit your fitness level and goals. Whether you’re new to lifting or have been training for a while, the bench press helps build a strong chest and improve overall strength. Additionally, it increases endurance and makes other exercises easier. As a result, regularly doing the bench press not only balances your muscles but also supports your fitness progress. Therefore, it is an essential component of a well-rounded strength training routine.

Bench press – Flat , Declined, Inclined

Seat height – 50cm

Upright width 92cm

Uprights have 3 height adjustments

Length with leg extention 174cm

Come with bar locks for safety

Max user weight – 200kg + bodyweight of 80KG

Suitable for a 5ft or 6ft standard bar 6ft or 7ft Olympic Bar

Bench Press for Weight Training

Weights and bars shown in the photo are not included

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Carton Size

104cm x 51cm x 17cm

Weight 27KG

Assembled Size 

174L x 92cm




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