Dumbbell Bench Incline Decline

Dumbbell Bench Incline Decline

A dumbbell bench is a highly useful piece of fitness equipment for various strength training exercises. It not only helps build upper body strength but also plays a key role in many home gyms and commercial fitness centers. With a dumbbell bench, you can perform exercises like bench presses, dumbbell flys, and rows, effectively targeting the chest, shoulders, and arms.

Moreover, the dumbbell bench offers great flexibility. You can easily adjust its angle to perform flat, incline, or decline exercises. This adjustability allows you to target different muscle groups more effectively, and it also adds variety to your workouts. For example, you can use the flat and incline settings for chest exercises, while the decline position is perfect for focusing on the lower chest.

In addition, the dumbbell bench saves space. Unlike larger weight machines, it is compact and simple to store when not in use. Consequently, its versatile design makes it ideal for both home gyms and professional training areas. Overall, the dumbbell bench proves to be a valuable addition to any strength training routine by combining practicality with ease of use.

Length 134cm

Backrest width 25cm

Seat height 44cm

Max. user weight

– 200kg + 100kg bodyweight

7 different positions for the back rest

2 x Decline, 1 x Flat, 3 x Incline, 1 x 90 degree

* 12 months warranty

Weights not included.

Dumbbell Bench Incline Decline

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Carton Size

133cm x 42 x 16
Weight 18KG

Assembled Size

134cmL x 44cmH




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