Swimming Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater 4KW

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater 4KW

Ideal for above-ground pools, including Bestway or Intex models, this swimming pool heating system offers a great solution.

Moreover, you can enjoy warmer water all year round, taking the edge off cooler temperatures.

In addition, this heating system works with Bestway filter pumps and sand filters with a flow rate of 2006L/hr or more, handling capacities up to 30,000L. Note that the pool heater requires a pump to function effectively. Furthermore, it connects to the pool filter via a 38/32mm hose and adapters, which come included.

The digitally-controlled heater features a soft-touch control panel and reaches a maximum heater output of 40°C.

This energy-efficient pool heater generates an impressive 4.4kW of heat for your pool while consuming only 0.92kW of electricity. As a result, you can expect remarkably low operating expenses. This translates to a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.8, meaning that for every unit of electricity it consumes, it produces 4.8 units of heat for your pool. Consequently, these features make it an excellent choice for those who want to keep their operating costs low while still enjoying a warm pool.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater 4KW

• Heats above ground Bestway Pools up to 40°C with flow rate of 2006L/hr or more.
• Plug & Play installation
• Temp. increase by approx. 0.5°C to 1.5°C per hour
• COP of 4.8 (1 unit of electricity it consumed, it produces 4.8 units of heat)
• Heating time depends on size of pool
• Ambient working temperature 12-43ºC (air temp)
• Digitally controlled with soft touch panel
• Must be used in conjunction with a Bestway Pool Pump
• Connects to pump/filter via 38/32mm hose & adapters (included)
• Switch off once desired temperature is reached
• Green Refrigerant R32 low GWP value
• Low water flow switch for safety

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Pool Heater 4KW
• 1 Year Warranty

Freight charges – Occasionally Some areas maybe more than quoted in the advert

Ambient working temperature: 12-43ºC (Internal protection function prevents heater from running in temperatures colder than 12ºC or hotter than 43ºC, avoiding overworking)
Hose connection: Connects to pool filter via 32mm hose connection (included)
Cord length: 2.8m
Suits: Bestway Pools with flow rate of 2006L/hr or more
Max pool size compatibility: 30,000L
Unit size: W 42.5 cm x D 56.5 cm x H 44 cm
Rating: IPX4
Voltage: 220-240V, Capacity: 4400W, draw 920W
Weight: 29kg



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