Swimming Pool Chlorine

Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets, pack of 5, weigh 200g each, 25mm deep by 75mm diameter and are slow-dissolving.

Powerful 89% available stabilized chlorine.
Perfect size for floaters, skimmers or almost any automatic feeder. This Product chemically is 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

Dosage rates will vary depending on bather loading, pool frequency of use. temperature etc. but as a guideline the following can be used. You need to test to make sure your pool is running at optimal chlorine levels.
To raise the Chlorine level in a 10,000 litre pool by 1ppm would required 10-12gm. Assuming you have to do this daily then a tablet should last around 15-20 days.

Swimming Pool Chlorine

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