Spin Bike Aerospin 4000 GT

Spin Bike Aerospin 4000 GT

Rubber Drive Belt for a  noisless operation.

20 KG Fly Wheel and  break System for pure  smoothness .

Wireless Pulse from the chest Belt included.

Computer – Reads Time Speed Cals Dist, Heart Rate etc.

* The pedals can be changed. If buying Pedals  Look for a M18 Threaded spindle shaft

Size 128cm L x 53cm W.


FREE PARTS INCLUDED, FOR WHEN YOU NEED THEM DOWN THE TRACK – WORTH $150 Spare Drive Belt and 2 extra break pads

WARRANTY – 3 Year Computer Screen, 1 Year parts and labour, back to base. Not Transferable
FREE – Lifetime servicing of this Exercycle when you purchase. Back to base, Parts not included. Not Transferable.

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Freight charges – Occasionally Some areas maybe more than quoted in the advert

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The difference between the 300 and 4000 model are, The 4000 has a bigger flywheel, it has a lot better quality computer, it comes with wireless pulse and a chest strap, also the frame is bigger.

The 4000 likes a person 5’10 – 6’4

The 3000 likes a person 5 foot – 6’4

Seat Height – From pedals to seat 74cm – 101cm

Floor area – 63cm x 113cm

110x 22.5 x 87cm
NW- 52KG
GW- 57KG




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