Olympic Bumper Weights 70KG

Olympic Bumper Weights 70KG

2 x 20KG Plates (Blue)

2 x 10KG Plates (Green)

2 x 5KG Plates (Black)

You can drop these plates from any height

Diameter 450mm

Fits 50mm Bar

Extra Bumper plates available for $5 per kilo if needed, that’s the cheapest price in NZ for this  quality

Doesn’t come with the  bar shown in  the photos

Olympic bars are available HERE 

Olympic Bumper Weights 70KG

Customer Feedback Here

25KG Plates (Red) 450mm x 60mm

20KG Plates (Blue) 450mm x 52mm

15KG Plates (Yellow) 450mm x 47mm

10KG Plates (Green) 450mm x 35mm

5KG Plates (Black) 450mm x 14mm



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