Kiwi Website Design Review

Kiwi website design Review – WARNING TO ALL !

Do not have anything to deal with this company FULL STOP.

I can not tell you enough! They are totally incompetent and don’t know what they are doing,  boarder line fraudulent the way they operate,  telling you lies, giving you promises, and excepting  your money without giving you a working website.

The Directors of Kiwi Website Design , you should be ashamed of the way you operate and treat your customers, and you have no Business offering web design services in New Zealand when you operate like this.

Fitness World NZ Limited,  has paid you in full months ago for the basic website which you said would take 7 weeks. Its now 7 months later and the site doesn’t work, totally unusable.

Shame on you and your staff who lied to us, failed to give us a working  website, treated us like fools, ignored our emails, and cost us so much time and lost business due to this episode.  Fitness World NZ is now taking Outsource NZ Limited – trading as Kiwi Website Design to court. Further info will be listed shortly to help other business loosing their money to these people. 

This is the worst work I’ve seen from any company in over 30 years in business.
Other than the 5 month delay they put our Business through, all our time and money, their work is nothing more than a  child’s doodle, never checked for mistakes, they are not capable of giving any creative input, They have no skills to fix issues, lie to you, and  treat you like an  idiot, but  most concerning give you a website that doesn’t even  work. Yes, totally unusable website they dumped on us after 7 months waiting which was  5 months after they promised. We now have to pay more money to get their work fixed by another company
Kiwi Website Design you should be ashamed of your selves acting like you have . We are most unhappy with what you have put our Business through , all the setbacks you have created for us this year.

Kiwi website design Review