Most Frequently Asked Questions

Delivered and collected from your home – You will hire for a minimum period of 12 weeks, which are charged  to a Visa, Master  Card . If you don’t have one of these, we can’t hire you anything sorry.50% of the 12 week rental  fee will be charged straight  away and the remaining 50% will be charged in 6 weeks time. If you choose to hire for longer than the 12 week minimum, this will automatically be charged to your card in fortnightly  periods until we hear from you. To  return the equipment there is a  14 day notice  period. The equipment can be delivered (Most of Auckland only) and collected when you are finished. Within the  first 7 kilometers of Fitness World NZ this will be a free service then a fee of $2 per kilometer thereafter per trip will be charged to your card. You will not be charged for repairs but will be charged for loss, damage,  rental payments due.


Collected and returned to Fitness World NZ– If you would like to save on Delivery and collection fees you are welcome to collect and return the machine from Fitness World NZ – 1b Tainui road, Saint Johns, PH 570 8962 . Please phone first, bring your Credit Card, also something with  your address on it like a power or phone bill.

More than likley the noise is coming from the front break pad. Drip some light machine oil or silicon spray on the leading edge of the flywheel and work the oil into the pads. This should fix the problem


Yes, we are located at 1B Tainui Road, Saint Johns . Our Ph number is 09 570 8962 and we are open for collection or to view goods Tues- Friday 8.30 am – 4.30pm or Saturday 8.30 – 11.30am

1. Always stand on side rails (Not running belt) when first starting up your Treadmill. Get the speed up to 3-4kph then hop on as this will help reduce wear on the motor.
2. Spray the running deck, under the mat with silicone. Only use Silicone and not something like CRC or WD40 .Do this every 4- 8 weeks.
3. Every 6 months you should take the cover off and vacuum the dust and dirt out, around the motor.
4. Do not leave the power on to your treadmill when not in use.

If the running belt looks good I.E no creases or tears and the underneath is still dirt free  it should be ok, but needs tightening or adjusting. This is done  by turning the rear roller bolts . You will see how its Done Here

After that’s  been done you will need some silicon oil for the Belt found here

This usually indicates a faulty control board that sits next to the motor which is easily replaced but if the treadmill go’s for 5-10 sec and stops then you need a speed sensor and again easily replaced.

This changes from different brands, but it usually indicates that the Treadmill needs a new incline motor.

Its indicating the safety key is not attached to screen, if it’s on but still doesn’t work check the safety key still has a magnet attached , if still not working you may need a safety key sensor.

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